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Perfection vs Productivity

Perfectionism seems to spawn from a profound respect for content, so much so that the delivery of it can never be good enough, but out of respect, it’s attempt is assisted upon causing many issues.


– higher pressure
– difficult to meet standards
– extra time, money, effort or other resources
– momentum loses steam due to excessive self-criticism
– garner criticism from perceived lack of productivity
– burn-outs & motivation loss from slow progress & high requirements
– progress further slowed down by restructuring based on advances which occur more quickly than the slow perfectionist project
– can be overshadowed by the non-perfectionist prolific type

Good aspects of perfectionism:

– high quality products
– integrity
– commitment
– uniqueness
– novelty
– artistry
– fine depth

The productive attitude is said to be better than the perfectionist attitude.

The productive attitude places completion as a priority above quality. It does not matter that the product is perfect if it gets the job done. This allows for greater speed of delivery, more done in less time, for a more prolific output. On top of this one can have references for past mistakes in imperfect works that were released publicly making it easier to recognize such problems and improve on them in the next project.

Also even if the first version of a product has many problems, these can be addressed in a new version. The point is that the person who has the imperfect product, has it before the perfectionist is ready, giving that person an edge in the market even whine at risk of criticism.

The downside of the productive mentality is the risk it puts on the image of the producer. One is at risk of being known as a low quality provider, however this can easily be squashed if one takes the criticism constructively and listens to their audience. In fact an audience might prefer the imperfect product to the “perfect” one because he or she can actually have an influence in how it is developed. Also one man’s perfection isn’t necessarily another’s.

Technology tends to rely more experimentation and practicality than media content, especially highly artistic works. Highly artistic works tend to lean towards perfection, they are rare and hold high value but tend to be more generating honour than prosperity. It is no surprise that a painter may die poor though his work lives on while a gunsmith can make a good living though his work is ephemeral or lost among many similar others.

This gives us an idea of the value of both perfectionism and productivity. Though perfectionism may cause many problems for business success, it is important for bringing about lasting cultural value. Productivity may compromise quality, but has shown itself a great way to develop market value, loyalty, progress, and stay at the cutting edge of advancement and business.

By combining these two traits together, we are able achieve business success that is legendary.

Too much productivity and our work lacks direction. Too much perfectionism and our work lacks momentum. It is chaos vs complication. If we can have perfection with momentum, we can be valuably productive and if we can have productivity with direction, we can develop something substantial.

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