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Marketing: Have A Story

One of the keys to sales is having a story behind what you’re doing or saying. It’s not something which can be told  explicitly, rather it is the fact that there is something beyond the surface or what you hear about it; its stigma, mystique or familiar mystery that makes it attractive and generates interest.

For instance a product released today, which no one has ever heard of, is quite easy to ignore. However there isn’t necessarily many triggers in the average person’s life to give reason for thinking through such concepts unless already studying or practicing marketing. So one just releases some solo work out there without a word other than it was available; why would anyone care?

New entrepreneurs may in fact totally forget marketing all together, taking the “if you build it they will come” approach too far. That expression better applies to projects of large scope, especially when many people are involved since the involvement of so many alone would spread out to their interconnected networks for quite a word.

So that is marketing; having a story.

Another example: If you heard that there is a new product coming that solves some issue that never has before and will be available on a specified date, this heightens anticipation, as long as it is not too far away.

Another good impression is, first it gets a bit of media attention a while before release but then gets big media attention soon before release and right after. This is a tactic often used by media companies, celebrities and their ilk to market their releases.

The other way is grass roots and word of mouth marketing where you release small tidbits of information about it at a time as you work on it then finally releasing it. This carves out a niche and may even be part of influencing the development of a unique sub-culture. By standard terms, that is ideal for business.

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