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Wearing Multiple Hats in Music and More #Ideas

The following is based on notes I wrote to myself, so feel free to replace certain activities, arts, resources and tools that apply to your knowledge, experience, setup and work methods.

1. Musician & Producer Hats

Make a track where you combine all the different successful production techniques including both pre written songs and those not. Combine the writer and the producer inside you to create an inner collaboration between the two, using parts of your written songs as samples for your project, where you use Vocaloid, other sample packs, loops, one-hits, midi, Akoff, virtual instruments, synthesizers, keyboards, orchestra libraries, step sequencing, beatbox tracking, melody tracking, guitar recording, effects, compression, EQ, distortion, vintage VST modules; tubes, tape, mixing, mastering, limiting.

Up to now your production and songwriting sides may have been separate. When you combine the two you see it all in a different light, that you can make them work together rather than one serving the purpose of the other like only producing based on the song or only producing based on the instrumental rather than producing the accompaniment to the song material and making songs out of the instrumentations.

Combining country and city style. Mixing genres like folk and R&B.

Looking at your songs as samples, and implementations in an arrangement, also arrangements as samples and samples as notes. Samples could also be seen as any element to a track or a mix.

2. Other Hats

This same principle can be used with other hats. Up to now you may have focused at working your different hats, but even though you were the one pulling off all the roles, they didn’t necessarily collaborate with one another the best, instead each of your characters could go off and do his or her own thing without any of the characters having a jab at the other character’s work, creating a disjointedness in your work. However if you do make use of your multiple perspectives in multiple roles with the awareness of them working with one another, it is a way to improve your results greatly.

Direct And Go Against The Grain With Your Many Selves

For example the music producer and the graphic designer collaborating. The motion graphics artist and the flash developer and flash designer collaborating. It could also be the comic artist animator, motion graphics editor, graphic designer,  the visual artist, the anime artist, the comic book artist, the classical artist, the modern artist. Everyone collaborating.  The break dancer collaborating with the producer, graphic designer, motion graphics artist, editor, filmmaker, actors, and so on. It’s not like the director just tells what the actors should do and they follow exactly, the actors bring their own mind, their own perspective to the vision to create a collaborative vision.


With you being able to collaborate the various parts of you together rather than keep them individualistic or ruling over each other you’re able to combine your different worlds into one. The way to apply these core concepts, regardless of the specific method or field, is to chunk your time throughout your week and your day so that you are only focused on one major task per day, that you can sink a lot of hours into.

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