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Endless Universes

There are an endless slew of universes of all different types from dark to light to colourful to bright to bright and colourful to golden to extremes and mellowed spaces average spaces, endless different perspectives in endless universes.

A multiverse of places each providing endless characters and roles with endless different perspectives on the endless amount of roles. Larger and smaller worlds. Worlds within worlds and worlds outside of worlds to infinitesimally large and small worlds that are both isolated and collide, mix with one another or stay pure with endless levels higher and lower in between them.

Endless structures, endless paths, endless characters, endless duties, endless physics, times, endless dimensions, endless cycles, nothingness, light and dark playing with one another.

Combining and collaborating the different perspectives of existence. Combining and collaborating the endless different fields of study with the endless different fields of professional work, hobbies, art, music, marketing, shopping, fashion, accessories, brands, names, fantasy, games, toys, illustration, stories.

There are endless different items within endless different items, interacting with one another and having an influence on one another or in groups, in divisions both in concept and in material reality, the different coarsenesses of levels of matter, ideas, understandings, mental and actual structures, one is as real to the other, reality in dreams, dimension travel, space and countless other inhabitable planets in this universe and in other universes, bigger and smaller, smaller universes within bigger universes, atoms and smaller particles endless worlds revolving within endless worlds and space structures and galaxies, cosmic structures interacting like gods within gods within gods.

Endless gods within gods and without gods without gods interacting with each other endlessly as a boundless system.

But this universe is just one in a limitless sea of multiverses. That sea may just be like ours; on one planet, like an electron spinning around an atom, one of trillions in a single human cell.

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