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Why Didn’t Bernie Win? Where Is He Now?

Now that the hubbub is over and Trump has been elected presidency with the inauguration upon us, with such an amazing candidate Bernie Sanders, which we now all know better (though Trump received 23 times more election campaign coverage at the time), some are wondering “What gives?” Well I was watching very closely so perhaps could provide some insight.

Unlikely Start

He started his campaign against Hillary 60 points down (thats percentage points) meaning there was a 60 percent gap between people who would vote for him or Hillary. By the time of the election they were in a statistical tie.

During that process many tactics and unfair conditions persisted against Bernie. The Democratic National Committee (DNC) was supposed to hold their primary elections between Bernie and Hillary neutrally, but unfortunately that did not happen by a land shot.

The director of the DNC at the time, Debbie Watzerman Shultz was found through certified authentic Wikileaks emails coming from HIllary’s unsecured server, that Debbie was in direct collusion with the Hillary camp purposefully working against Bernie brainstorming ideas like calling him an atheist and misogynist, etc… In fact the authenticity of these emails is further evidenced by the fact that Debbie had to step down (was fired) from her position at the DNC.

When Hillary found this out, was she outraged by the compromise of Democracy the bias Debbie pushed the DNC into enacting? In fact, she did the opposite thing and promoted her to the director of her campaign. It was found by students from Stanford University studying inconsistent exit polling during the primaries, easily hackable voting machines and trained staff testimonies, where they were told to give provisional (uncounted) ballots to certain groups or those who may vote Bernie, it was clear election fraud in favour of Hillary.

The errors caused by the machines also seemed to favour Hillary. Add to the Associated Press (AP, where many major news sources get 3rd party news content) arranged a meeting with members of Hillary’s Super PAC to agree to state that Hillary had already won. With this Hillary was reported the winner one day before the vote! This was truly devious, for the DNC & mainstream media to do this. In the Wikileaks emails Debbie was found to be purposefully scheduling debates at very low ratings times of the day to prevent people from seeing Bernie’s performance against Hillary.

As the ideal politician, the more people watched Sanders and came to know him, the higher his approval ratings and support went up. Hillary on the other hand had the opposite results, where the more she was exposed, the lower her approval ratings dropped. Bernie was filling stadiums while Hillary was struggling to muster nice crowds in studio halls before the cronies rigging and corporates cooperating to prop her up as the nominee.

Thus before the ballots finished even being counted, with still the potential that Bernie had more (especially more legitimate) votes than Clinton. He also polled much stronger nationally, destroying Clinton’s statistical tie with Trump with Sanders experiencing a 10 point lead on him. Hillary’s Super PACs which we found, also in the emails, actually supported Hillary before the primary campaign even started, meaning that even though the Super PACs exist to shift the primary nominee towards the strongest opponent against the GOP (Republican Party), but instead they just chose Clinton regardless of the opponent. Sanders pleaded to the Super PACs when it was found that he was leading much more strongly nationally against Trump, that they support him, which is technically what they were supposed to do according to their official purpose, however they did not and instead colluded in AP’s false premature report of Hillary’s supposed win.

When watching all this I had really hoped Bernie would be a bit stronger and fight back, push to get the votes recounted or look into the election fraud issue that was brought up by data. Instead he was asked to meet privately with Obama, and who knows what Obama told him. Throughout Bernie’s campaign, though his campaign was clearly much stronger with much better growth and momentum than Clinton’s, he was actually pretty easy on her, not doing any negative tactics against Clinton while Clinton’s side were coming up with terms like “Bernie Bros.” to excuse his success, calling him a misogynist and a pro gun “Democrat” and connoting democratic socialism with communism. He could have exposed her corruption, but instead it was found out that before Bernie even ran his campaign, he had agreed that if Hillary became the nominee, he would endorse and campaign for her.

The powers that be in the Democrats knew that Hillary couldn’t do it alone and would need support from the base who actually believe in progressive values. Sanders was their figure for the primaries with the goal from the higher ups like Obama for Bernie to then convert his supporters to Clinton voters. Therefore by the time Hillary was fraudulently bequeathed Democratic Party nomination, Sanders was being pressured by all the insiders to bow down and endorse Hillary.

Bernie was quite reluctant and resisting to endorse Hillary under the condition that she implement his throughly laid out plan in writing that was the basis for his campaign, forcing Clinton to take a stand against the TPP, which she begrudgingly agreeing for the moment though she had supported it completely up until that point. Upon this pre-tense that they were going to absorb Sanders Democratic Platform, he agreed to endorse Clinton. Somewhere in the middle was that Obama meeting which probably pushed him further (maybe a threat? or maybe a temptation? Obama is an amazing manipulator, so who knows?).

In any case, though he was seen as much lower energy and not his old self after the horror and lack of acceptance from many of his supporters for his Hillary endorsement, when he campaigned with her, and he spoke on stage with her sitting behind him nodding her head, he seemed less enthusiastic and exciting. However when he got to campaign for her solo, he still had his energy, he also outside of the campaigning visited Standing Rock to join the protesters against the dangerous oil pipeline in North Dakota. He’s also been willing to both support or fight against Trump depending on what policies he actually ascertains. For instance Trump was also against TPP, so Bernie supports him for that, but he is totally against bigotry at the same time and said he would fight against that.

In more recent news, Keith Ellison, a Bernie supporter in the DNC has been vying for top position at the DNC and has received Sanders support and much of his base as well. Unlike Elisabeth Warren who was quick to flip in support of Clinton, and has come off as a weak sellout who does nothing more than pay lip service to progressive values when it is in a stance towards feminism, while ignoring issues like Standing Rock until it’s too little too late; Ellison, though not perfect has stood by Bernie the whole time. Cornel West also stayed true to Bernie in the DNC, constantly supporting him and pointing out Clinton’s weak status quo formula. Even Chuck Schumer, one of the most established Democrats, considered very elitist and out of touch, realizes the party needs a different direction and support Ellison. Though most other Democrats didn’t support Ellison, they must have changed their tune as thankfully it is revealed about a month ago that he did win chair of the DNC against Howard Dean, so that’s a win.

As you can tell a big part of his win was the amount of power Sanders gained when Clinton lost against Trump, an incredibly unfavourable candidate, having many believe Sanders had a much better chance and the data to prove it. His endorsement of Ellison has influenced the DNC and he is continuing to influence the platform with his policy positions, he continues to work and hold speeches for his supporters at key events such as the protest against Trump’s election where he helped to find unity on issues like the TPP while holding against the discriminatory culture being associated with Trump.

I actually go through this from a different angle, talking about my support to Bernie in relation to Trump in my article on Production Hackers “Tweetin’ to Trump”.

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