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Is There A Difference Between Hemp & Cannabis?

Hemp and Cannabis are the same thing except hemp is either the male which does not have THC or the parts of the female plants that are not bud or THC, but leaf and stock. The seeds for hemp are technically able to make THC bearing plants depending on if they grow female. The leaf can be consumed for vitamins or dried, smoked as filler.

The stock can be used for paper, clothing, bricks. The oil can be used for plastics. This is beside its cancer and multi-disease curing properties. The hemp seed is of high nutrition value, similar but slightly better than flax seed. It can be grown in 3-4 months as a comparison to the 20 years it takes to grow a tree. It can replace lumber, cotton, canola, antidepressants, painkillers, stone, fuel, & easy to grow. Used by most ancient civilizations for millennia.

  It was used for ancient paper and clothes. It could compete with multiple multi-billion dollar industries, yet so easy to grow anyone could do it in their backyard. Now you wonder why it’s illegal and all the attention is diverted to it being a hippie drug?


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