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Concept Art For New Game Animation [Update]

A Star Wars like universe, with multiple alien races and a plot to enslave and harvest human bodies, the political intrigue is about to make these plans burst out into the human psyche, but all could change depending on the outcomes of the cold war persisting between spy networks. You can play as Ninja destroying alien robots to foil the alien overlords plan.

The idea is for a game that mixes the action of the modern Ninja Gaiden series, the Knights of the Old Republic style RPG elements and modern open-world themes and gameplay (like Sleeping Dogs, modern Yakuza games, etc…)

Early concept art just established a main character, a female ninja (though a male option is also being considered) as well as a robot enemy, with few frills besides being in a futuristic urban environment.

After showing the first concept image to some compatriots, hearing their feedback and wanting to do more, I was inspired to make my idea more clear, since the early image could be taken for a fighting game, which is not what I was going for. I decided to add multiple enemies, more weapons and visual effects, as well as a basic health bar HUD.

Finally, since ideally I plan to have this game released for the Nintendo Switch platform, I decided to take it a step further and do a mockup as to what a game like this might look like on Nintendo’s new system. Enjoy!

UPDATE: I’ve added a short animation clip of concept gameplay. Enjoy!

DISCLAIMER: All image is concept art and may not reflect final game. All images are copyright Sharif Sourour. Nintendo and Switch are copyright of Nintendo.

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