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“Flowing” vs Using Structure

Instead of just ‘flowing,’ when it comes to a finished or polished product it is necessary to be decisive. This includes creating set structures or using standard structures in poetry or song. It is just like writing or speech where you use proper grammar for a formal paper or purposely play with words or structure such as in puns or stories to catch the attention of the reader or listener, but the point is to be decisive so that it stays interesting and seems to be less predictable or spontaneous. Ironically it works that way.

Brainstorming vs Planning

The advantage of actually ‘flowing’ is to come up with fresh material, such as in brainstorming and the creative process where there are on rules or set decisions. However just like in story writing, where the beginning may only be a general idea without any structure, once it comes to the finished story without a proper structure to fit everything together there ends up being plot holes and so on, and with too many loose ends the believability of the story starts to plummet. The same goes with song and performance.

In a song if it all was made in a state of ‘flowing,’ the result is going to seem predictable or drawn out because everything is ‘natural’ and unrefined, which is good in terms of coming up with something new and not being a copy, however it is the structuring, decisiveness of both the edited work and all the details of the performance that make it strong and engaging.

Example Process

Thus a good method of creating a work or performance from start to end would be to ‘flow out’ the ideas without any structure or standard and once all the ideas have been laid out to edit them and structure them and make each detail of them decisively placed and coherent. If a live performance of the work is involved at any point, at first in practice the performance should be flowing and loose letting anything come out without restraint, even allowing for screw ups or drawing things out, but once that has been done and many different performance ideas as well as interpretations have been laid out, the performer would take the best ideas from those “rough versions” of the performance and put them together and sequence them in the most engaging way for the best interpretation and strongest performance.

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