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14 Tips On Growing And Maintaining Your Twitter Account

 Keep It Light

Never take yourself too seriously. Make sure that you can add a touch of humour into your bio, background picture or avatar. This is a great ice breaker for when you connect with new people online.

Be Clear

Make sure that your description is accurate and truly expresses who you are. You’re better off using an actual picture of yourself unless you are purposefully making a fictional or impersonation account.

Be Personal

It is Ok to bend the rules to truly express who you are, whether it be inside jokes or words only you use, make it your own.

Reach Out

If you want people to follow you, and your wanting them to find you through Twitter, the best suggestion I can make is it to reach out and follow as many people as you can. You should probably go for those who you think would relate to start, and connect with their connections as well.

Some people might not follow back, so if your Twitter follow limit reaches, it is probably better to unfollow those who don’t follow you, no matter how famous or how much you think you should get along. This way Twitter will remove your follow limit and allow you to follow more.

Twitter Law

Another tip I can provide is to look up the rules of behaviour from Twitter’s official website. One major point that can be learnt is that if you unfollow too many people that you have just followed within the last 24 hours, your account can be suspended.

Tweet Times

The chance of your tweet being seen isn’t only to do with the presentation, content or number of people in your audience, but the time of the day that you post.

Different people are on at different times for different reasons on different days. Try to change it up and see what content, with what presentation works best at what time.

Stay In Touch

Pay attention to what others are tweeting, and if you like something, retweet it or show your love by favouriting it. It’s by building these relationships and mutual respect that makes social media has value.

When someone @mentions, don’t ignore it, make sure you look at the message and respond accordingly where you can or is appropriate. Don’t be afraid to engage in sensitive issues where you are willing to learn something new while holding to your own core values.

Avoid DMs

Direct Messages or DMs are often automated so many who you follow will automatically send you a message greeting. If your Twitter grows to a large enough magnitude the flooding from these auto messages tend to drown out the ones that were written by hand.

Although I do check the DMs from time to time to see if there is something really personalized for me, or someone I believe I can help, then I might respond but in most cases since it is impractical to keep up, my solution has been to suggest @mentioning me in my bio (vs DMs).

Follow Back

Though a lot of your follows may come from people following you back, you will also at some point get many who come from other places, finding you through the connections you already have or the topics you cover in your feed. That is why, although like DMs, can sometimes be hard to keep on top of, you should try to follow back those people since they did find you and that should be appreciated as well.

@mention Others

Whether it be to poke fun at a famous celebrity or to engage in a discussion with a connection, @mentioning is a powerful function of Twitter which allows the middle man be cut and individuals or parties to directly communicate with each other.

Years ago when I followed some early Youtube stars, DeStorm who I was a fan of was on of the guys I followed on Twitter. After @mentioning several times with positive/neutral comments, he did respond back! I loved the immediacy of this back then and still do today.


Probably the easiest way to attract new followers is to use #s especially those currently trending which Twitter posts on your home page. However this should be taken with a grain of salt, because as easy as it is to gain followers this way, it is also more likely they drop off this way if they lose interest, and most of the other stuff you post has no relation to that topic.

Post Value

One of the most important things in a social media world where so many post so much content so easily is to be choosy about the content based on how much value you think it would provide your audience. You want your audience to be confident in you as a source for a certain level of quality and your own sense of taste wherever you are on the spectrum.

Do Your Own Thing

Though retweeting others, @mentioning users and posting valuable content from the online world are a great way to attract and connect with your audience, you should also post your own words, media and content. Ideally there is some relation between your own content and what you post on others, but it is good to keep an open mind.

Oftentimes we post or recommend what others have done as a way of expressing what we think ourselves but in the end unless we make that on our own, sometimes it will be difficult to truly communicate your own perspective.

Get Specific with Analytics

Twitter has a wonderful feature called analytics where you can look up the stats of any Twitter user including yourself and see what Tweets were the most popular as well as other useful information such as the number of tweets that have been seen, how often you tweet on average and so on.

Another site I suggest is namely Twitaholic. When updated, it lets you know how you rank by followers in your own country as well as offers the entire list of people on Twitter by rank or country for your own enjoyment.

Such statistical data can be both encouraging and informative, letting you track your progress and figure out how to do better, how to connect with more people to potentially improve more lives.

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