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Sharif Tweets! [#1] “Tweetin’ to Trump”

I supported Bernie yet could simultaneously see the strengths of Trump

Losing My Twitter Virginity

When first creating my Twitter account about 5 years ago, like many, I started my Twitter journey connecting with friends and following celebrities. One such celebrity was former Celebrity Apprentice star and now president-elect, Donald J. Trump.

Not the Trump I Asked For

I started to be astonished at the kinds of things he was tweeting starting 2012 when he began claiming he was going to run for president while boldly criticizing politicians and making other political comments… I was following him for business perspective!

and so it began…

In any case, it inspired me to take advantage of Twitter’s power and Tweet directly to him or include him as @mentions in some of my Tweets. The following is a compilation of selected Tweets, mainly during the primary and federal election cycles of 2016, where I mention Donald Trump’s twitter account @realDonaldTrump ranging from critical to complimentary.


My tweets mentioning him weren’t exclusively critical even at that point, as I did recognize his remarkably powerful performance among the other GOP candidates.

I also realized that his running did a lot to inspire social commentary.

After giving it some thought, just as some others have argued, I realized that presidency isn’t even as good as the luxurious and successful business life he’d already realized.

I still didn’t think he could win however during the primaries when I believed Bernie Sanders still had a chance.

When the news came out that Trump agreed to debate Bernie Sanders after Hillary refused to do so in California, I, just as many others, really hoped it would happen. So much so that even an excellent full-length mock debate with Trump and Sanders was found on Youtube:

You can imagine my disappointment!

After it was revealed that Bernie Sanders was actually the victim of election fraud, was not given a fair chance, and may even have won the Democratic nominee position, my criticism started to shift towards the DNC and Clinton. Lee Camp of Redacted Tonight breaks down how Sanders was cheated:

My trust for America’s election system as a whole began to falter, having me suspect the federal election would also get so rigged that Trump had no chance. I started to openly question whether or not the election was real at all, starting a hashtag, #HoaxElection2016.

As mentioned previously, I did originally have interest in Trump, mainly to better understand business success. During the election chaos, I did my best to observe and note some effective things he was doing, regardless of my political leanings, even praising Trump.

After it was official, and we all found out he won, I was actually relieved that USA’s Democracy actually does have some functionality, otherwise there would have been no way that the most establishment candidate (of all time?) Hillary could lose. Apparently she thought that as well in hubris, losing the entire Rust Belt, crucial to Trump’s win. Though I didn’t think of him as anything close to a saint, my criticism of Hillary and my stance of Trump as the lesser evil led to many a debate on Facebook, but my view was based in the open, shameless aspects of Trump’s character making any evil he does more evident to the low information public.

Though some may have judged me since as a right-winger, I take everything as a compliment. In fact I agree with left-leaning stances on government and right-leaning stances on business. That is why I supported Bernie, a truly left candidate, yet can simultaneously see the strengths of Trump.

The above is the first in a series of articles “Sharif Tweets.” If you enjoyed it, feel free to share it to your connections and for the latest from follow @HonourableHappy on Twitter.

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