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Did My 4 Media & Technology Predictions From 2010 Come True?

Back in 2010, upon brainstorming where I thought media and technology was going to go, I had some predictions. Looking back I can now point out examples of where my predictions have come true, even if more simply and not exactly how I expected. Some of these ideas are only partway to becoming a thing, so it’s interesting how it’s possible for us to connect the dots based on the past in order to see the future.

The following is those predictions in bold with my current comments in italics, comparing current technology developments against my predictions from 2010:

Media Consolidation & Advanced Streaming Meta Data

Combination of the internet, TV and Tivo into one package. It would have the live broadcasting and large quantity and variety of channels like North American TV but, it would have the power of searchability of metadata, the convenient accessibility of the internet without compromise in quality while at the same time giving the user the control of Tivo being able to pause, rewind etc…

This way one has the excitement of TV, the convenience of the internet and the control of Tivo all in one lean package.

The above was when Tivo was becoming all the rage and I was foreseeing some kind of amalgamation of media. This of course has happened in different regards with Tivo-like features now standard in most TV provider’s modern set top boxes. Also now there is also the use of meta data to search for content either on demand, currently playing or scheduled for later. Thus most has come true as a standard, besides perhaps my imagined precision in finding videos playing currently based on meta data, where it could be down to the dialogue of the people talking, but that should probably come soon; and with Youtube’s current feature set with a growth in streaming content, along with the meta data Youtube’s automatically generated captions can provide, we are about to get at the level I imagined in my prediction within the next few years.

Truly Live Film, Merging Theatre, The Movies & Consolidated Media

Basically an entire film would be completely rehearsed from beginning to end, not only the acting but also the camera movements the effects used live as they do in live television and the choreography. It would be like a stage play where everything would be performed live and then it could be broadcast live in a theatre, the internet and TV each with of course their own level of quality. It would have the aspect of live theatre that a stage play has except it would make use of things unique to film such as cinematography special effects, real locations and elaborate sets.

The live film, merging live TV excitement with feature film impact.

This technically already existed in a sense with pay-per-view events such as wrestling or sports being broadcast live in movie theatres while people could watch with a purchase from home simultaneously; but going as far as doing a film completely live from start to finish, because it would require a mass amount of resources, has not really been done yet. However with the increase in live content from Youtube being streamed and the development of experience from the countless independent media producers online today, production costs could eventually get reasonable enough for the possibility of a movie that streams live online, actually being performed live as it’s streaming (mistakes and all) while being broadcast to movie theatres and TVs at the same time. This hasn’t been done yet, at least not commonly, but I’m pretty sure this will be tried within the next decade or two.

Realtime Music Mixing Technology Openly Available for Fans of the artist/Group

Any song produced in a studio is professionally mixed and mastered, but what if the listener could have a hand in the process after it was already completed. One could listen to the song as the studio intended, but if one chooses one could put the volume down on one instrument for a part of the song, put the volume up on another part apply EQ to only the vocals or bring in other parts earlier than what the engineers intended all while keeping that studio mastered sound and quality. Therefore the same song can be remixed by the listener endless times in real time and the new tracks can be saved out to be listened to again and again. Thus one song becomes an infinite number of mixes in pristine quality.

“Don’t just listen, play.”

This I have not seen happen yet, though the quality and cost of resources for music producers has only gotten better and better. I see the above idea as something between music based games like Rock Band and the actual work of an audio engineer. The advantage against being an audio angineer is it would be made fun and easy to play with, for entertainment rather than serious engineering work, while at the same time being able to immediately mess around with the mix of a famous artist, rather than having to rely on your own or royalty free content. I think this would be an excellent way to sell music, adding software features like that, making the music editable without being an expert while still getting to play out fandom for your favourite artists.

MMORPG Where Graphics Evolve With Game Progress (Extreme Version)

A game like a MMPORPG where one picks a character type for example, is put into a world with a story and as he gains experience points, through defeating enemies and overcoming obstacles involved in the world and its story while interacting with other players online, there is one twist to the already tried and true formula. As one levels up and his character gets better, so do the graphics, so do the gameplay so does the world around him to a certain radius (perhaps expanding as he gets better as well), if other players online want to enter the expanse created by a higher level player, they need to reach that level too in order to qualify, if one’s own level gets extremely high, since the graphics get too good and the gameplay too sophisticated and the character’s expanse too large, the player at home’s computer may no longer handle it, so one needs to stop playing the game, go out in the real world, do some work, earn the money for a better computer in order to be able to attain higher levels in the game rather than stay at the same place in level.

“Now the MMPORPG fantasy everyone has enjoyed has merged with reality, your life won’t depend on the game anymore, the game will depend on your life!”

This one surprisingly did happen, if only to a degree. A game came out a few years later in 2013 called Evoland which basically has the same concept with a few differences and limitations. First of all Evoland is a traditional console style RPG, rather than an MMORPG, however theoretically Evoland could be used as an engine for one. Next was the graphical extremes I imagined in my idea. I had imagined the game would start 8-bit and eventually evolve into AAA level current graphics that push system hardware, all the way until the game could no longer run (extreme, I know) with the player needing to upgrade his physical hardware to keep upgrading in the game. That was actually the goal of MY idea, not only creating a new and exciting experience based on tried and true concepts combined together, but also giving incentive for players to do more than just play the game, but have a business or work life that is able to afford continuing to play the game, also pushing the hardware industry to innovate further as well.

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