Animation Education Production Strategy

Animation Tips: Things to Avoid Checklist

Things to avoid in animation:

  • Motion that looks stiff or ‘floaty’
  • Artless rendering, materials and lighting
  • Lack of realism where needed
  • Lack of exaggeration or dynamics where needed (this may need more storyboarding or hand-drawn studies)
  • Choppiness
  • Clipping or visual errors
  • Lack of secondary or background animation where it should be
  • Overly complex or weak design
  • Lack of a story, character, personification, behaviour

  • Lack of taking advantage of animation with effects or visual metaphors, transformation and creative fluidity
  • Lack of expression, quality acting
  • Uninteresting camera angles
  • Bad pacing
  • Lack of easing or time warping
  • Off rhythm or unnatural motion
  • Lack of comedy
  • Lack of drama
  • Too abstract at the wrong times
  • Not enough tension, conflict or momentum
  • Lack of a message or meaning
  • Unappealing look or design
  • Bad colours
  • No ambience
  • Music that doesn’t fit in mood, theme or rhythm
  • Bad voice acting
  • Overly slow or too limited
  • Inefficient and over budget
  • Looks like others too much
  • Makes no reference to others
  • Lacks distinction  
  • Bad lighting
  • Lack of cinematographic or directorial vision

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