Consciousness Poetry

Returning (poem)

ugly and filthy things / filling this world

poisoning the minds of  / li’l boys and girls

what is someone to do / to remain pure

just look inside yourself / you can be sure

that all you need is there / not holding onto cares

with no need to despair / everything can be fair

all you have to do is look / there is no other hook

it’s just the real truth / it can be found inside

nasty and grotesque things / are being hurled

in front of youth and kids / li’l boys and girls

can one keep himself from / being impure

one way I can think of / is being sure

with determination / lasting dedication

self-taught education / no degeneration

keeping a steady faith / no longer will you waste

any more precious time / breaking through anything

everything can be changed / and rearranged

we all make up this place / and we can change

is it possible for / us to improve?

it can be truly done / it’s what we choose

making the right choices / finding our own voices

making the right choice / we can truly rejoice

creating our own paths / we can truly outlast

anything that’s getting / us completely off-track

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