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Thoughts on Communism

if everyone was equal I do not see why there would be a reason for even more than one person to exist

My view of communism is simple, the communist system is basically based on a concept that everybody is equal but not everyone should be treated equally. For example, they say everyone is equal, however all the power is given to the authoritarian government, meaning that even though everyone is said to be equal, not everyone is treated equally.

In fact such a system is the opposite of reality. In reality nobody is equal, if everyone was equal I do not see why there would be reason for more than one person to exist, as there would be no difference; everyone might as well be clones of each other then; there would not even be a need to communicate, like a certain callous alien race. Also everyone in reality is treated equally by the universe; everyone when looked at as existing beings, fall within the laws of existence, such laws do not bend for anyone within it.

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