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A View on “Triple Threats”

Catching people’s attention from wherever they are and whoever they are and finally truly making it big

Whenever I heard this term I always thought it meant that a person was capable to sing, dance and compose for example or to write, direct and produce, or to act write and direct, etc… but actually I have finally realized why people who can do more than three things, or people who can even do less than three things or are known for less or more are still called “triple-threat” whether people who use the term themselves realize what it really means.

My observation is that it means these following three things that every “triple-threat” or star seems to have strongly, particularly at the height of their popularity (even if they were different before their peak or changed later):

 1. Hard working
 2. Talented/Visionary
 3. Humourous/Social

Most people, except for rare cases can understand number one in the list. Number two is also understood by a lot and number three is quite understandable once brought up.

Hard Work Only?

With hard work but without the other two, one may only ever end up being very specialized not necessarily very known or successful but still stable and living a peaceful life.

Talent Alone?

With only talent or vision but not the other two, a person may end up being something like a street performer, someone who does tricks and very much an “entertainer” who can just get by on his or her talents even if his or her life is not stable, topsy turvy and one never ends up being a huge success.

Socialite Success?

With only a good sense of humour, or being only quite socially adept, one may have many friends and a rich life, but one may not have the respect of a talented person or the stable life of the hard working person, this would be the kind of person that everyone knows, but no one understands why they know him, yet no one minds.

Serious Management

With both hard work plus talent or vision, without necessarily a good sense of humour or social comfort, it may take some time but such a person will become established and respected in the community and have some success yet this person will probably never have the biggest hits or a string of big hit success, everything will be hard earned towards a higher level so he or she will still be respected and able to live off his or her craft stably.

Social Business

With both hard work and a sense of humour, but not much vision or talent one may be popular as the kind of person who specializes in something, this person would be a success but in very niche places, whatever this person happened to specialize in, the people who were fans or very interested in that subject would know and praise this person highly, but this person may not be very well known in the mainstream, and those that know this person might find them underrated.

Clowning Around

With talent or vision as well as a social sense of humour, but without much hard work, one may become like a successful side act or character show, we’d always know this person as the comic relief or the person that is a support on the side, but never would this person be seen taking a main role or in a main position, even if the person is known and popular. This person may lead a topsy-turvy life in front of every one while still being able to impress.

Process Mastery

The best is of course to have all three, thus remaining stable and consistent, catching people’s attention from wherever they are and whoever they are and finally truly making it big; maintaining a consistent ever-developing process with lasting and positive success ongoing.

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