Consciousness Poetry

Truth Reigns (poem)

first they make systems to lock themselves in

then they try to get out by causing themselves sin

once they’re in too deep they try to bail out friends

only to get locked up once again

destroying freedom that was already had

fighting in the name of justice bloodshed

killing for peace and dying for life

arguing with others to squash strife

what must happen will happen yet insisting will

trying to take and take and make up for it still

so much effort wasted all based on a condition

blaming superstition wishing to others for blessings

when the whole time it was their own lives they’re messing

all in one’s own hands yet putting faith in other brothers

seeking help outside and not letting go of pride divides

more and more cold logic confused as blind

a petty mind deemed to be divine

so much difficulty pain and loss

perhaps all in vain another life cost

to never come again no one knows

yet it was unnecessary to try and enforce

anything but who you are there’s no need for proof

relying on what one knows will only lead to death

seeking and seeking and losing youth

not looking before birth and before the first breath

to who one really is the true essence

only seeking outside and showing presence

but then worn out and tired and lost like peasants

thinking more toil will bring more fortune

taken advantage by the fools who know no mercy

they don’t realize that staying unwise is worse see

but neither side can see the truth beyond

and so all are uncared for and left gone

out of this world, come back again mystery

they all did it in the name of happiness, history

but left empty, leaving matters of uncertainty

while the truth still reigns into eternity

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