Profitable Work

I think everyone deep down wants to accomplish his or her fundamental dreams and will in some way support one doing so either positively or negatively with encouragement or discouragement.

From my current observations, the work that is difficult to start, yet an end can be seen in sight and requires constant energy to accomplish is usually profitable. While the work that easy to start up, yet difficult to see an end to in sight and can be done passively is the work that is less profitable.

One’s dreams usually contain an end in sight, the accomplishment of something, but are difficult to accomplish from the beginning and require constant energy to realize.

Often something seen as a way to survive is usually not something one wants to do thus not part of one’s original dreams, it is easy to start with and does not require constant effort to keep going as it is not of one’s own original initiative and thus does not require that kind of constant motivation to continue. However for such work, because it was not conceived originally as a dream, something one wants to really do from the outset, it is difficult to see when it will end, as such work is complimentary to the one who is providing such work.

Such work may also have been initiated by someone who wanted others to be employed, and thus is not necessarily that person’s personal dream either, but is a more profitable way of doing something outside of one’s struggle for survival. The reason it is more profitable than doing work managed by someone else, is because such work is being initiated by one’s self and instead of being something that can be done passively, it does require motivation, but not as much motivation as going for one’s original true dreams and the end is variable since it depends on more factors, such as those being employed, thus it is a compromise between the two, the profit also ends up being a compromise. The profit for this last mentioned type of work is more than completely relying on someone else and doing work that can be done passively but with a difficult to foresee end, yet it is less profitable than going for one’s true dreams.

The irony in this is that when one works to survive and compromises or even goes as far as to delay or even give up on his or her dreams, it actually becomes less of a profitable lifestyle than if he or she would have gone for his dreams, and thus more difficult to survive. However if one compromises his or her dreams, delays or gives up on them for taking other work for ‘survival’ it may require less effort involved on his or her part and he or she may be able to survive well enough to live day-by-day, however he or she ends up doing something other than what he or she truly wants to do and his or her life ends up being less than completely fulfilling.

What, after realizing this, is one to do if he or she is already in the middle of work that one does not want to do at all? What is one to do when it is hard to see an end in sight for, or is a compromise, not fully living up to one’s potential? What is one to do when always finding things to be not quite where one wants to be even if not all that bad in the meantime? What is one to do when in the end it is not completely fulfilling either way especially when one realizes what one’s dreams are even if less motivation is involved that old easy way? Should one just give up completely on all this busy work just because it is not quite exactly what one wants to do?

Here are some factors to take into consideration:

1. Responsibility

One’s greatest responsibility is probably to truly fulfill his original dreams, so shouldn’t that take priority over any other work?

2. Priority

Although one’s current promises and work that is not precisely his or her own dreams might seem to be the greater priority, since one may be in the middle of it right now, shouldn’t one focus on his or her dreams first and only on one’s off-time (when available) work on other such promises? Isn’t that better than it being the other way around?

3. Support

One may think that others may not support him or her because of the other work one has already committed to do perhaps not being completed yet, however if one is truly able to accomplish his or her dreams, such other work ends up being meaningless, because if it is work that can be done passively, anyone can do it. Also if it is work that was a result of someone’s compromise and wanting to employ others, one would be employing himself so it wouldn’t be going against that self-employment principle either.

To truly go for one’s dreams I think is to truly fulfill one’s correct role.

Discouragement Is A Good Sign

Besides,  I think everyone deep down wants to accomplish his or her fundamental dreams and will in some way support one doing so either positively or negatively with encouragement or discouragement. Even discouragement for example is a way of support, even if the person trying to discourage does not mean anything supportive or positive about it as it is a sign that one is truly on the way to his or her dreams or else no one would even deem it worth it to discourage the person for example since such a person would have no such chance to begin with and discouraging him or her or trying to bring that person negative resistance would be in vain.

If the person could potentially accomplish his or her dreams and such negative forces as discouragement or other complications made by people out of negativity was to succeed in keeping that person from accomplishing his or her dreams than there is good purpose in what such a person has done. Thus such negative obstacles are in fact a sign that one probably has the potential to actually achieve his or her dreams and is on the way to them. Things done out of positivity are also supportive in their most obvious superficial way, however it is also a chance to see if one’s motivation is truly self-motivated or if one will get distracted when positivity from others, a positive situation or even profit comes about. If such a thing could distract the person in the midst of accomplishing his or her dreams, that could also keep the person from forever continuing to realize those dreams.

To truly go for one’s dreams I think is to truly fulfill one’s correct role. If everyone is to fulfill his or her correct role, whatever that may be, things can finally be in harmony. This would be another way of saying everyone would be able to be who they truly are; for everyone’s actions to parallel who each person is deep down.

In An Ideal World

If the above was actually to happen, problems such as; crime, drug abuse, corruption, sickness, economic problems etc… would be at an all time low. Such a result would be due to the previously mentioned harmony.

All it takes is just one person to do this, as it would result in a chain reaction since everyone is interacting with each other. If only one person in fact indeed did such a thing all the way, the effect would not be as strong as everyone doing such a thing immediately, but would be better than if no one was doing it, and would make it easier for others to do such a thing because of their connection with that positive person.

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