Priority: Content, Technique or Tools?

Without good content, if the technique is good, that will only serve to deliver bad content with high technique.

Oftentimes when starting on a new creative, career or active venture one has some things to consider. Namely; content, technique and tools.

Perhaps many people when starting out will consider the tools extremely important, this is a valid consideration, however it is not the only, and in my understanding, nor is it the most important consideration.

Another thing one might consider very important is the technique. One may think “With better technique, the tools don’t matter. Anything will work well as long as the technique is the best.” This is not completely off, but I wouldn’t say it is the most fundamental nor would I say that good tools serve no purpose when the technique is high.

Finally there are people who start off with content they want to express and the next thing they think about is the technique and tools, such a person puts content first. I think this is the best because of this reason; without good content, if the technique is good, that will only serve to deliver bad content with high technique, furthermore if the tools to do it are the best, then bad content comes off even better. This would mean bad content would be delivered in the best manner with the best materials; what a terrible waste of those techniques and tools when the most important point was not right.

Starting With No Content

Of course some people might start with the best tools, have no content, but just work on developing the right technique; one might work with content created by someone else, choosing the best content, this is not bad per se. Also someone might have content of their own but it is not good, but eventually after already having the best tools and achieving the highest technique, only then the person is able to be inspired, or just by happenstance the person is only able to come up with good content at that point. Well that is also good. The key point here is the content, if it is no good at the start, or is not able to get to a good point by the end, then I think the rest is all in vain.

No Technique?

The fundamental thing is that if one has the best tools and no technique, they are rendered useless. It is better to have the highest technique with the most mediocre tools than the other way around, it will give a better result in terms of presentation than having the best tools with only mediocre technique, actually in such a case the better tools will only make the mediocre technique clearer. Of course having the best tools and the best technique is better than only having the best technique, though out of the two, technique is probably more important.

King Content

Technique however is for presentation after all, so without good content to present, it also is no good. It is better that one has good content with no technique to present it than the other way around. With good content and no technique, at least one’s heart is in it, if no one else is able to understand the content and the person wanting to express it is still not satisfied with his ability to express it, at least it itself is good; it is complete, appropriate, contains truth, etc. Of course if one has high technique to go along with the good content it brings respect and clarity to that content allowing it to be expressed properly; others are also able to perhaps understand it  much easier and one is more fulfilled in the ability to express it. Combine that with the best tools, not only is the good content able to be expressed well, it is able to be done so at the highest fidelity thus making that good content clear.

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