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Resources, Work And Passion [Update + Conclusion]

One with many resources may have less time, with less time it is harder to do things well, but due to larger resources it is compensated for with materials for an immediately pleasing result.

One with few resources may have more time, with more time it is better for doing things well, though with less resources it may be more painstaking, this is compensated for by a very unique and effective result.

One with a reasonable amount of resources may have a moderate amount of free time, thus he can do things decently, what he makes may not be extraordinarily outstanding nor particularly superficially pleasant however it will be fulfilling in result.

One with many resources, if he fails to use them wisely will be easily in ruins; the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

One with few resources, if he doesn’t make good and follow through with the painstaking work in his available time, will end up going nowhere and make no progress; one needs to make his daily bread.

One with reasonable resources, if he cannot be creative he cannot make the best use of his situation; the secret ingredient is love.

The first case is one that deals with wisdom over the situation.

The second is resourcefulness over form.

The last is self over concept.


With more resources one is like when automating a task by breaking it up through indirect functions, it becomes easier and more passive to do, but more complicated and kills the energy of getting involved in completing a task. However when one has less resources it is like the manual or original way to do it, often procedurally from start to end, very hard to start but with a consistent drive to the end, the most efficient product in most cases. However if there is anything preventing the start or after starting there are some breaks in the work, where one is interrupted or distracted before completion, then it may take much longer to complete because it requires one to be prepared and ready with a solid mind of focus.

So neither is perfect but in one you have to motivate yourself above the call of duty than the traditional way in order to compensate for the lazy culture automated operations promote, while in the other way it is probably the best manual way, but the level of focus and energy required means you will need to make and stick to set rules, creating or finding an environment and routine that will get you fully focused and undisturbed every time. For maximum efficiency and effectiveness, some hybrid of these two methods and strategies for overcoming their caveats should be employed.


One would have to be simultaneously motivated beyond the call of duty while creating a strict and focused environment where one cannot be disturbed during intense periods of work.

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