Production Strategies; Hold Back or Put It Out There? [Video & Audio Update]



Holding Back:

  •  less risks
  •  putting risks on others
  •  slow results

Putting Out There:

  •  high risk
  •  painful
  •  fast results

What you receive from others, treat with great care, while what you make yourself, freely give to others.

The Predicament

Putting it out there is good for success in work, but is painful letting go, however as long as you’re always able to create something new, you’ve got nothing to lose. Keeping it to yourself, is not painful nor do you suffer the risk, but then your chances for success are left up to others taking the risk for you, and to only certain people you are somehow connected to, this takes much longer for your success, but is much more easy breezy.

Time For Comfort

The trade-off is time for comfort. Putting stuff out there right away is uncomfortable, but you save time before succeeding, while being conservative you are comfortable but it takes a lot of patience to wait for such a long time for things to happen on their own instead of you making them happen. You are then reliant on others for success so, though it’s not that it won’t happen, it’s just that it will take a very long time.

Take The Pain

Putting your stuff out there is probably better as long as you can take the pain. Another important factor is whether “your stuff” is really being created by you and it’s not something inherited etc… If it’s made by you, then you can always make more, so although it’s painful and risky to put your stuff out there in terms of your current material, it is not like you will not be able to come up with more. If you are making it yourself, but your being conservative about it, maybe a lot will go to waste as no use is found for it for so long that by the time it can be used, there is so much to use that it would still take a long time to make use of it, and if you’re still coming up with new stuff then, you’ll have a limitless supply of material, but it is always going to be a burden.

You can always make something new if you run out of material to put out there.

If you’re putting your stuff out there right away, you’re making good use of that material, no risk for waste, you are exposing yourself and increasing your chance for recognition, you’re creating a presence and as long as you can keep coming up with material yourself, you can always make something new if you run out of material to put out there.

Relieve Your Burden & Gain Success

I think, in terms of work, you are better off putting your stuff out there rather than being conservative if you are the one creating it yourself, it relieves you of your burden caused by not using it, ups the chance for your success sooner even if it may feel uncomfortable.

When To Hold Back?

Now if your resources and what you have to put stuff out there was not generated by yourself and you got it from elsewhere, then it is better you are conservative, since you cannot generate it yourself, instead of just putting it out there, to do your best to find just the right opportunity to use it, to use it completely strategically will work much better than just putting it all out there. Though putting it out there may give you a large chance of doing well while you have it, once you run out, it’s finished and all done. However, if you are very strategic, then it remains in high value, and once it is used properly, though it may take a long time, it can be useful.


Self-generated resources should be treated liberally, though the creator might be attached to the material and be tempted into conservation, while resources acquired from elsewhere should be treated conservatively even if one may be tempted to squander it due to not knowing its true value.

In conclusion, what you receive from others, treat with great care, while what you make yourself, freely give to others.

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