“Free Will” by Sharif Sourour

Rather than look at things from your current perception, look at things from the standpoint that countless things are simultaneously happening right now beyond your perception. Whether it be at the micro cosmic level down to the level of microscopic particles, macro cosmic, space and stars, or all the things going on in all the other people’s lives in this 7 billion and counting populated earth, with numerous races of living creatures each with their own ways of perceiving and existing with us or among us. That isn’t even scratching the surface, yet it is already a lot to recognize going on in the magic of this very moment.

To think that this is all free moving and based on each individual’s own free will adds a fascinating respect to the phenomenon of our continuous existence. When considering all times and possibilities as well as dimensions and phenomena that go not only beyond our individual perceptions, but our perceptions as a whole race, it is incredible to believe that only one viewpoint could be the correct one. Ultimately no viewpoint is the conclusive top in any kind of hierarchy, rather there are countless viewpoints of different quality, efficacy and relevance that all need to exist in order for us to have a complete system of viewpoints. In my view, beyond view points, this principle can also apply to any other aspect of life, such as matter, knowledge, arts, politics, most anything one can think of, yet this is often misperceived or manipulated to be misunderstood as a hierarchy that always keeps current or historical relevance in the associated field, when in fact the custodian may just have as much of an impact as the president, depending on the case or exception.

Each of us is not only a part of, but has an impact on everything and everyone around us, this then connects to everything and everyone those people are connected to and so on, until it reaches everyone, animals, insects, plants, and other natural life so that in a sense all life is connected at once at all times, breathing at once as the planets and electrons spin and rotate around their own cosmic forces our relationships develop. The way we impact and affect each other is constantly resulting in chain reactions that affect yet other waves of people and life. We have proven that depending on our level of pollution output, even the weather patterns of the earth are affected. Everyone makes an impact, whether they intend to or not.

These things are of course constantly taken for granted or forgotten as we busy ourselves or get distracted by our everyday lives, like we are each digging into our own endless rat holes without any way out. However if we just sit back, relax, breathe in and out the anxiety, stress, fear or other negative feelings or tensions we contain in ourselves and think that there is so much going beyond your own world, that there are countless worlds with countless things going on, not only at a human level but at a scientific meta-knowledge level. This lack of simultaneous perception, just like the law of attraction can increase in sensitivity resulting in higher level visions with the third eye, also known as the pineal gland or mind’s eye.

These visions allow one to connect to a greater more impactful truth beyond one’s immediate surface human feeling as perceptions. When we uncloud our mind from our preoccupations, set plans, stubborn feelings or opinions not grounded in calmly and thoroughly extrapolated thought, and look beyond the surface, recognizing the extreme vastness, depth and immeasurable fineness of everything in realtime movement occurring right now, we are more in touch with our destinies and are better able to be responsible with the use of our free wills.

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