So What Is The Key To Growth Hacking on Twitter Anyway?

The key is to do those things daily

Two months prior, I was speaking to my brother at my nephew’s birthday, and somehow my Twitter follower count came up. He was impressed that my Twitter reached 23k total followers. I told him it wasn’t anything really, just hard work. I told him that I would amplify my growth speed.

Sure enough eight weeks later and my account had reached 33k followers, my brother asked me “How did you do it?” and I told him that it was the same thing I told him on a previous occasion when I was giving him some tips for growing a Twitter account, similar to my last article about that available here.

Just as I have already laid out some ground rules for growth in my other article, I can explain what perhaps makes me different, or what to potentially emphasize on your growth campaign.

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Universal Systems #ScienceFiction?


The Enlightened – Wise yet misunderstood <- Hardest to understand but best to learn from: because they know the truth, but it can’t be properly explained in an easy to consume way

The Republic – Powerful yet unappealing <- Hard to support unless faced with real threat: because they allow a culture of open cruelty but are better for the whole

The Reptillian – Immune yet cruel <- Easiest to understand, hardest to relate to: because they use direct means to achieve their goals but are unconcerned about loss or gain

The Alien – Advanced yet selfish <- Easiest to relate to, hardest to commit to: because technological advancement for self-interest is popular but loss of individuality is soul crushing

Light Forces – Know everything, are indirect <- Hardest to know or oppose: because their forms are impractical but their plan is indestructible

Wild forces – Know little, are savage <- Hardest to tame or resist: because they are ignorant and completely animalistic


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Making Your Automation A Foundation Rather Than Only Optimization #GoBIG [Audio]

Here I go over a whole new way to look at the different forms of automation to revolutionize your ultimate mission. Only from Production Hackers. Follow Sharif @HonourableHappy on Twitter: twitter.com/HonourableHappy


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WP Engine Offer ONLY A LIMITED TIME – Production Hackers #YourPress

Hi everyone out there in cyber space,

I wanted to give you the exciting news that Production Hackers will soon be coming out with its own products. Unfortunately the bad news is that the 20% off WP Engine offer for WordPress managers will end soon.

This is because once Production Hackers comes out with its first proprietary products, the site will only feature exclusive products to increase the value for you fine folks visiting.

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Find Your Invincible Value #YourPotential [Transcript Update]

The one trait I’ve discovered as a thread among all the most successful and elite people? They make the most of everything, whether rich, poor, skilled, inexperienced, wise, or new, all of them were able to not only attain, but maintain success by constantly making use of everything. If you like this topic I will make more content to show you how to achieve this.

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